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Groove in the Garden

Our latest project for our community to learn about vegetable gardening!

All produce grown is donated to community, including area food banks.  

Our Goals: 

Environment Horticulture

To increase awareness and knowledge of sustainable landscape management for the optimum use and protection of the environment, including: management of all aspects of the residential/urban public and commercial landscape (soil, plants, insects, diseases and wildlife); and, understanding and proper use of equipment, pesticides, fertilizers, and other landscaping inputs to have the greatest value with minimal negative impact. Educational programs are targeted at water quality, yard waste management, erosion control, and related issues.

Food and Nutrition

To increase awareness of the benefits of home food production and to develop skill and knowledge in growing food, managing community gardens, or contributing to food banks and kitchens.

Health and Quality of Life

To increase awareness of the value of the interior and exterior landscape to human health, well-being and quality of life; and, to acquire knowledge and skills that will allow the target audience to utilize this information for personal health and a healthier work place and community. The development of horticultural therapy programs at nursing care facilities, rehabilitation hospitals and hospices all contribute to the quality of life of Virginians. Health related issues such as the use of toxic chemicals, proper protection against skin cancer, and safe use of garden equipment are included here.

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Youth Gardening

kids in garden stock.jpg

To increase awareness and understanding of the value of horticulture and landscaping to young people; to gain the knowledge and skills needed to conduct horticultural-based activities in such a fashion as to meet the goals of the individuals and professionals (i.e., SOL for teachers); and, to use horticulture as a tool to increase responsibility and leadership for youth. Note this objective should be addressed working in cooperation with the VCE 4-H.

Value of Landscape

To increase awareness and understanding of the value of the landscape. For the target audience to acquire knowledge and skill to insure the proper design, installation and maintenance of sustainable landscapes for economic benefit to the individual and community

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