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Upcoming Events

To join the Master Gardeners clink on the Application form link below, Print the form and follow the instructions.

Got gardening questions? 

Send an email to    gpmastergardener@gmail.com

You may attach photos as well.  A Master Gardener will get back to you shortly. 

GPMGA Board Meeting

Our next meeting will be held Thursday, February 4, starting at 9:30 using Zoom.  Board members will receive an invite via email.  Details can also be found on our calendar. 

GPMGA Association Meeting

Our general meeting will be held Thursday, February 11, starting at 9:30 a.m. using  Zoom. 

Kirsten Ann Conrad, ANR Extension Agent for Arlington County and City of Alexandria will speak on 
Deer in the Garden, Deer Resistant Plants, etc.

You will receive an invitation via email with the information required to join in.   


Get educational training by viewing "Webinars" at a Virginia Tech Website  ==> Click Here 



Since COVID-19 has given you time, maybe you have decided to plant a vegetable or flower garden or maybe you have been gardening for years.  Either way, everyone has questions about planting, disease, and pests.  Here are some links to sources for answers to your gardening questions. If the links fail load, copy the link to your browser. 



            information about growing fruits and vegetables in Virginia



            list of informational videos and webinars



             multiple videos on various gardening problems

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