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Upcoming Events     


GPMGA Board Meeting

When:  Thursday, January 5, 2023 9:30am – 11:30am

Where:  Goochland County Extension Office, 2748  Dogtown Road, Goochland, VA 23063

Zoom Meeting Link: 

GPMGA Association Meeting 

When:  Thursday, January 12, 2023,  11:00 am  

Where:  Goochland County Extension Office Auditorium, 2748  Dogtown Road, Goochland, VA 23063

Celebration of Intern Graduation.  Pot Luck Luncheon

Zoom meeting link:Z

Meeting ID: 826 8846 6123

Passcode: 369460

Details are available on our calendar also. 

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Since COVID-19 has given you time, maybe you have decided to plant a vegetable or flower garden or maybe you have been gardening for years.  Either way, everyone has questions about planting, disease, and pests.  Here are some links to sources for answers to your gardening questions. If the links fail load, copy the link to your browser.

            information about growing fruits and vegetables in Virginia

            list of informational videos and webinars

             multiple videos on various gardening problems