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At Goochland Powhatan Master Gardener Association, we offer a range of services to help members of our community cultivate beautiful and sustainable gardens. Our team of Master Gardeners has received special training in horticulture, which sets us apart from other home gardeners.


If you are a member of a civic organization, garden club or other group, please consider inviting one of our speakers to speak to your group.

In the Classroom

If you have a specific gardening question or need advice on a particular issue, our Master Gardeners are here to help. We offer consultations to help you troubleshoot problems and develop a plan for your garden's success.

Shaking Hands

We can help you design a garden that meets your needs and reflects your personal style or troubleshoot problems to develop a plan for your gardens success, we are here to help!


Download Guides and Information on various topics


2023 Pest Management Guide

Publication 456-018

MG shovel.jpeg

Access webinars and videos educating and encouraging environmentally sound horticulture practices 

Organic Vegetables

Access to information on growing fruits and vegetables in Virginia.

Patentability Search

From articles on sustainable farming practices and food safety techniques, to guides on building strong communities and fostering leadership skills. 


Access to information on growing fruits and vegetables in Virginia.


Access our library of past webinars.  Topics include Virginia Native Trees to Composting Basics!

H.O.P.E. Initiative

Mission:  Identify, Practice and Promote gardening principles that have a positive impact on the environment.

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