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Perennials that Beat the Heat 

             -  Peggy Singlemann


Our gardens should be filled with color, even when the temperatures rise. During the hottest months, some perennials stop blooming, subsequently the garden fades until the weather cools. Come learn which perennials plants beat the heat and continue to brighten our borders during those dog days of summer.



Yes.... You Can Grow Fruit in the Piedmont

-  Don Smith


Growing fruit in the Piedmont can be done, however, it does require an understanding of where and tree selection, how to plant your fruit trees, correct pruning techniques, spraying strategies (organic and non-organic) and harvest timing. In this session we will address these topics and delve into what areas you may need any information. I will also invite all attendees to visit our orchard if they wish to gain a deeper understanding of the topics above.



Managing Water on Your Property

  -Jean Broaddus 

Creating rain gardens to manage runoff and standing water issues on your property. 



 Herb Garden Tour

  • Eve Barenholtz


Learn about the dozens of herbs growing in Reynolds’s Community College Garden. Culinary, medicinal, and ornamental herbs can be found in the garden, built, and maintained by the GPMGA Master Gardeners.



How to have more plants without seeds or a trip to the nursery?

  • Pat Lust


Plant propagation has many facets, and this workshop will focus on the ones that do not involve seeds – in other words, asexual plant propagation. We will look at various types of stem and leaf cuttings and root divisions along with several examples from the geophytes category. Take home plants!



9AM to 10:15AM Session

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  • Any class chosen from this menu will be hosted at 9AM the Day of Spring Garden Fest. Visit the Check in table upon arrival to recieve your class locations. Class spots are limited. 

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