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Growing Lettuce for all Seasons

- Pam Dawling

 Here are season-extending techniques using row cover, cold frames, and hoop houses to provide lettuce every month. We will also consider varieties for each season, and compare head and leaf lettuce, baby mix and multi-leaf types. We will cover scheduling and growing conditions, including how to germinate lettuce when it is hot.


Habitat Gardening for Bio-diversity

- Donna Cottingham                                                                                                    


If you are a gardener who enjoys watching nature, this class is for you. Learn to increase biodiversity in your garden to create a habitat-friendly environment. Discover which plants and trees will invite birds, bees & pollinators. Learn landscaping techniques to enhance the look of your yard and attract nature. See where small beneficial creatures like toads and lizards lay their eggs, and the habitat they need to survive. Welcome creatures that benefit your garden by eating insect pests.


Understanding Color in Landscape Design

- Gordon Chappell


The savvy use of color can do wonders for your landscape. Color can be a unifying element or draw attention to a focal point in your garden. It can make a small garden seem bigger, or a large space feel cozy. Color is one of the most powerful tricks up a gardener’s sleeve.


Summer & Beyond Gardening (the natives that look great from July until frost)

 - Anita Tuttle

The presentation will focus on some of the wonderful native perennials that not only add to the aesthetic display in the garden through the hot summer months, but also provide resources for pollinators. As a bonus, several summer-blooming natives also serve as hosts for the caterpillar stage of butterflies or moths. Most of these beautiful plants will continue to bloom until a hard fall frost.



Rain Garden Tour

  • Eve Barenholtz


This tour focuses on the structure, design, and placement of plants in the rain garden at the. Reynold’s Community College and the roles they play. This is another garden created and maintained by the GPMGA Master Gardeners. If you have a wet place in your landscape, a rain garden could be your answer.



 Long Live Flowers: Create Your Own Dried Flower Wreath 

  • Rachel Watman


Make a beautiful everlasting wreath in this workshop. Learn the basics of drying flowers and how to use dried flowers to create an everlasting dried flower wreath. You can use your own one-of-a-kind wreath in your home or gift to someone special.

10:30AM to 11:45AM Session

  • Any class chosen from this menu will be hosted at 10:15AM the Day of Spring Garden Fest. Visit the Check in table upon arrival to recieve your class locations. Class spots are limited. 

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