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Pollinator Garden – Powhatan

GPMGA decided to update the Sensory Garden by changing it to an educational garden for pollinators.  In phase one, we planted butterfly-attracting perennials in several areas as well as basic shrubs that provide food and shelter for pollinators during all four seasons of the year. The garden layout was redesigned as well.  At each stage of the change over, we offered clinics to the public to demonstrate our processes.

Stage 2 began in the fall of 2017 and included extending the plant material so that people can see a larger selection of pollinator friendly plants. Plans include a new pathway and an iris/mixed research bed area under the supervision of Mike Lockatell, a local iris breeder and landscaper. A solarization display, a compost bin, and new interactive signage are also part of the plan. 


Our primary goal is education and if you are interested in having us speak to a group or giving a tour of our garden, contact   We want to spread the word about how important pollinators are and the simple ways everyone can help.  Even planting one pollinator-friendly plant a year helps.  The Pollinator Garden is in Fighting Creek Park in Powhatan across from the sports fields and the playground.

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