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• Minimize gardening activities that contribute to air pollution.
Air is essential to most life. Agricultural practices generate contaminants
that often end up in the air and contribute to climate change and health
issues. HOPE focuses on:
• Avoiding the use of garden equipment that runs on fossil fuels
• Planting and protecting trees to reduce carbon dioxide and
provide shade, windbreaks and oxygen to breathe
• Adopting practices that sequester carbon
• Reducing our methane footprint
Contact us:
• HOPE Project Coordinator:
Kate Bracken |
• Goochland VCE Office:
2748 Dogtown Rd. Goochland, VA 23063 | (804) 556-5841
• Powhatan VCE Office:
3910 Old Buckingham Rd., Powhatan, VA 23139 | (804) 598-5640
• Website:


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